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Antenna Building

I strongly encourage all amateurs(and scanner listeners too for that matter) to at least attempt antennae building. Commercial units are fairly expensive compared to home-brew. This is not to say they are a bad deal; but much of the cost is related to withstanding the elements rather than performance. To me, the educational value is worth a bit of extra maintenance time; and many in this hobby will want to try something new long before the weather gets to a homebrew anyway.

When I set up this page, I had planned to detail my di-pole construction. Fact is, there have been two builds since then; and neither are documented. Thats really part of the fun of ham radio. If you just want to install equipment and use it for years ... there are many commercial options available like telephone and internet. Instead, I now plan for this page to sort out basic antenna types, describe their advantages and disadvantages, and maybe provide a few links to construction articles.

One important note however; safety should be your first concern with antennae - regardless of home brew or store bought. There are definite hazards involved!

Check back soon, I hope to have time to create this page in the near future. In light of the above change, it is likely that it will be removed from the projects section ... so look for the new one under Articles.