Band Condition Scale:
Excellent, Good, Normal, Fair, Poor and Very Poor


Recommended Websites

www.w4ot.webs.com - Vero Beach Amateur Radio Club.

www.tcwn.net - Treasure Coast Weather Net. Skywarn spotter information site for Florida Treasure Coast area.

www.ActionQP.com - Excellent print shop in Melbourne, FL with a helpful ham radio operator on staff (aka my place of employment).

www.qrz.com - Web site dedicated to the ham community, with many useful features and helpful participants.

www.ARRL.org - Amateur Radio Relay League; US national radio organization.

www.circuitlab.com - Online electronic circuit drawing and simulation.

FCC ULS System - Call sign database lookup.

Crystal Sets to Sideband - A very well written and informative PDF book by Frank W. Harris, KØIYE, detailing a homebrew HF radio project. Highly recommended read!