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Amateur Radio Field Day 2014

The information on this page is my interpretation/opinion of this event, and should not in any way be considered 'official' information from any club or organization.

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What is it?

Field Day is a national event weekend for ham radio, and is sponsored by the ARRL. On Field Day weekend, ham radio operators all over the United States, Canada, and other countries covered by IARU Region 2 will setup portable, temporary stations and operate from them.

Stations are set up without using the public power grid, repeaters, cellular networks, internet or any other infrastructure. This is done to exercise and demonstrate capabilities that might be needed during an emergency situation. Thus, the purpose of Field Day: To practice and demonstrate some of modern day Ham Radio's emergency communications capabilities, increase the general public's awareness of Ham Radio, encourage new operators, and, of course, have fun!

What is it like?

The operation does have a contest flavor to it, with each contact being logged and points totalled up for various accomplishments; but you can expect plenty of operators to be around to explain the hobby and operation to the public, let interested parties have a hands-on trial, exchange tips and information with others, and many times dodge the mosquitos! All in all, its a fun event to visit or participate in.

In keeping with the stated pupose of this web-site, this is an event that beginning hams should really try to make. It is a great oportunity to meet other local operators, see how various equipment is setup and operated, and even try out HF with a control operator if you don't have sufficient license privileges yet.

Here in Vero Beach, we plan to have three operational stations plus a "GOTA" station, which stands for Get On The Air. This station will offer unlicensed and/or tech licensed operators a chance to try HF voice operation with a control operator. Among the operational stations, we will have standard voice(SSB), morse code(CW), and digital operations(RTTY/PSK/etc.).

My recommendation would be to plan to spend several hours; it is a relatively informal event, so you will want plenty of time to basically hang around and explore the event. Here at the Vero Beach setup, we will be operating around the clock. During the day, there will be more people around .. but the night-time operators (yep, I'll be there) will welcome the company as well and have more free time; so pick your schedule!

Where is it?

Well, everywhere .. really. Here in the Vero Beach area, we will be setting up on CR510 by the causway. The Vero Beach 146.640 2M repeater will be monitored for talk in assistance and local, non-contest communications. For other locations, check with the closest amateur radio club or look up locations on the ARRL website (click here).

When is it?

In 2014, the event is to be held June 28 & 29. Actual on the air operations will begin at 1800 UTC Saturday (2:00pm local), and continue for 24 hours. Hams willing to help with setup and take down are welcome to come any time.

For more information:

Visit the ARRLs website at: http://www.arrl.org/field-day, or contact a local ham radio club.