Band Condition Scale:
Excellent, Good, Normal, Fair, Poor and Very Poor


Next Steps

Ok, so you just made it through your licensing class or studies. You've passed your test and now you are a ham radio operator!

Congratulations, and a hearty welcome to you!

Yep, all that stuff you learned is important for safety and operational reasons.

The problem I found at this point is that I still didn't really know enough to start enjoying my newfound privileges.

My goal in this section is to provide some information about actually getting started - beyond the test information. No attempt will be made for completeness; one of the fascinating parts of ham radio (at least for me) is that you will never stop learning! I just hope to help you get on the air.

Some subjects I'd like to have (or have in progress) in this section:

I welcome feedback on what would be helpful to cover here! (Email is callsign at cfl.rr.com) Replace callsign with AJ4DT