Band Condition Scale:
Excellent, Good, Normal, Fair, Poor and Very Poor


Rechargeable Batteries

BTY batteries - <10% of stated capacity. While I didn't expect a lot at BTY's price level, these measurements are very disappointing. It is my opinion that they are intentionally and fraudulently rated much higher than they are capable of.

However, they are available at an extremely low cost. I would have a much more favorable opinion if the ratings were accurate; as there may well be a place in the market for low capacity, low cost rechargeable batteries. My unfavorable opinion is more due to the deceptiveness than it is from 'bang for the buck' value.

My test samples were sourced from eBay, and the cost was in the $1 per cell range. There is several different appearance/color schemes with this brand name. To my knowledge they are the same batteries with different labels. I have no way to verify that statement.

Testing of these batteries was done in simi liar fashion as the others; however it was in the very early stages of this project. Unfortunately, I did not collect the data for each cycle as I have done for most brands. I may test another set for completeness.