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Rechargeable Batteries

There is a myriad of rechargeable batteries on the market, particularly on the internet. One could expect good performance and a bit higher price for the well known brands; but are the low-priced, unknown brands really a great deal? I decided to find out; and share the information.

I do not have scientific lab equipment available; nor any specific qualifications to do such testing. By maintaining consistent testing variables, I hope to generate data of sufficient accuracy for comparison purposes.


Brand &
Cell Size Type Rated mAh Test mAh (Avg) % of Rating Cost* per Ah Comments
Buyer Beware
Buyer Beware
Buyer Beware
Buyer Beware



  • Recommended - Test results at or near rating, no problems noted.
  • Buyer Beware - Test results significantly lower than ratings, or other problems noted. May be worth considering; but be an informed consumer.
  • Not Recommended - Serious issues noted .. see comments.


Sample Sourcing: Samples have been obtained from various vendors, primarily on eBay. No advance information as to intent of testing was known by the vendor. All testing was done shortly after receipt of samples on brand new, unused batteries.

One exception to the above is the Enecell AAA batteries, whereby the vendor sent a no-cost replacement set. See Enecell page for more details on this.

Test Equipment: Testing was performed with an automatic cycling, delta-peak charger. All tests run with same charger to eliminate variability of equipment.

Test Procedure: Cells were cycled 5 times, and discharge capacity noted for each cycle. Charge and discharge rates for AA batteries were 800mAh; and 400mAh for AAA.

Future Research Ideas:

Be sure to also see my explanation of battery ratings here.

All opinions and observations here are just that - my personal opinions and observations. I have no personal stake(meaning no bias) in any of the brands mentioned/reviewed here. I am also human and subject to making errors