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Solar In Progress ...

Note: This section may seem a bit off topic from Ham Radio; and I'd have to admit it has grown to such a point. It did, however, start out as a project to provide power for my station; and I feel I have collected a lot of useful information I can share with others. Thus, in spirit at least, I feel this section is still loosely within the realm of amateur radio!

Ok, so solar electric is widely available. That just seams to easy(and expensive).

So, I thought that it might make an interesting homebrew project. It does.

Did I realize it would consume all of my spare time for months? Well, no, but it is actually quite amazing how many areas of interest a solar system can involve.

This section should include a wealth of information once I get time to write it up. I am homebrewing everything from scratch, including charge controller, LED lighting, panels, etc.

The system is currently operational; and providing all power to my radio station as well as outside nighttime security lighting. It is currently producing about 400 W/h per day; though there is room for additional load. No attempt at grid tie has been made; rather I have chosen thus far to use the energy at the native 12v level; for efficiency and safety. That may change as the system grows.

Here is a brief summary of my current system. I plan to write detailed pages for each of these in the near future, so please check back!

Future plans include web based data collection and capacity expansion.