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Personal Ramblings

ARRL Field Day 2014

Coming soon ... June 28-29!

VBARC setup will be same location this year, CR510 near the causeway. All are welcome!

Field day is a great opportunity for new hams, informal event with lots of time, equipment around to learn new stuff. Tech licensees can try out HF with control operators.


I just realized something today, the problem with knowing how to build something is that you invariably know how to build a better one as soon as you finish!

ARRL Field Day 2013

I participated in this event with the Vero Beach Amateur Radio Club, and had an awesome time for two days and the better share of the night in between. I highly recommend this event for anyone interested in ham radio!

Notes for interested readers (and for myself next year!):

Much appreciation to all who contributed to making the event possible!

Scary Cloud Club

(This may get its own page in the near future)

Photo of storm cell

Storm cell photographed May 25, 2013 in southern Brevard county. Very visible structure for Florida; where multi-cell systems are much more common.